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06th Oct 2023

‘I’m disappointed in my daughter over how she acted at her friend’s party’

Kat O'Connor

What would you do if your child acted like this at a birthday party?

One mum is feeling conflicted after her daughter acted out at her friend’s birthday party. She was visiting her friend’s house for their 10th birthday party, but her mum was shocked when her daughter returned home with a gift.

The mum soon realised that her child had taken the gift card from her friend’s house and was shocked that she would take something.

She wrote on Reddit: “My daughter (7/8F) went to her friend’s (9/10F) house for a casual birthday party today. Party guests were family only and my daughter since she and the birthday girl are BFFs.

“My daughter came home from the party with a $10 Minecraft gift card in hand,” the mum revealed.

At first, she thought it was a very generous party favour, but she didn’t feel right about it.

Her daughter later told her that her friend got it as a gift, but wanted her to have it.

“I was a bit suspicious and within 10 minutes the friend’s mom texted me about it.

She informed me that my daughter had asked if she could have it.

Her daughter reluctantly said yes when she asked.

Her parents had to sit her down and talk to her about acting inappropriately, but the mum is unsure if she should punish her daughter or not.

“My daughter was highly embarrassed and clearly felt bad about her behavior, but this is the kind of reaction I feel is necessary for her to learn her lesson.”

“We then took a walk back to the friend’s house where she had to give the gift card back and apologize, which was like pulling teeth because again, utter embarrassment and shame.”

The mum said she had to embarrass her daughter at some level to help her see what she did was so wrong.

“I’m also slightly embarrassed for myself as a parent that she didn’t know better.”

The mum said as difficult as this was, at least her daughter didn’t steal the card. She was proud of her for owning up to what she had done.

But did she do the right thing?

What would you do if your child made their friend give them their birthday gift?