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26th Nov 2023

‘Back on the baby train’ – Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian are ready to welcome baby No. 2

Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling and Arthur Gourounlian have revealed that they are ‘back on the baby train.’

The couple already shares one baby together, a daughter named Blake Maria Ros, whom they welcomed in September 2022 via surrogate.

Brian’s sister Aoife acted as a surrogate and carried their firstborn child.

The pair are now ready to welcome a second baby, as they are eager to see Blake become a big sister, according to the Irish Mail On Sunday.

Brian, who is ‘The Six O’Clock Show’s’ new co-host, opened up to the outlet about their desire to add to their family.

“We would love for Blake to be a big sister. This is something we’ve discussed at length, and I’m happy to say we are back on the baby train. Choo choo!” with Arthur adding, “Fingers crossed! As Brian said, the baby train is on the way.”

The Virgin Media presenter has been vocal about the struggles he faced with infertility and how is still struggling to make peace with his diagnosis.

Speaking on Ireland AM, Brian opened up about how the diagnosis took a toll on him, admitting it was something he is still trying to accept.

“The infertility is something I’m still coming to terms with, I’m still embarrassed, I don’t know why,” he confessed.

“The issue of infertility for me is a much bigger issue, and that is of our daughter.

“I don’t want our daughter seeing something when she’s older or reading something when she’s older.”

The media personality also says it causes him pain when people speculate who baby Blake looks more like.

“People would always say to me ‘she’s the image of Arthur’ – that was like a knife in my heart each time people said that because they were unaware of my own issue.”

He added that they are still fighting for his name to appear on their daughter’s birth certificate.

“The control was taken away from me. But now everybody knows the truth about my daughter’s DNA. My name is not on her birth cert. It’s just my sister Aoife and Arthur.”

“Stephen Donnelly said about 45 or 46 weeks ago that there would be a change coming in [regarding parental right and surrogacy],” Brian continued.

“It would be Parent A, Parent B, Parent 1, Parent 2 – that’s not happened.”

Despite the legal challenges, the proud father opened up to HerFamily on what really makes a house a home and the answer is truly heartwarming.

“Anytime that I hear Blake laugh like I mean belly laughing, that feels like home. There’s just something so nice about hearing Blake laugh. 

“Our house is sometimes such a mess, like her play area, but hearing Blake laugh makes that worth it. When your house is a mess and you hear your child belly laugh, you just don’t care. I no longer care about how tired, how pale how exhausted, or how hungry I am.

“My mom used to say, if you go to someone’s house and they have a child and their house is perfect, there’s something wrong. The house should have stains, your house should look untidy.

“Hearing your child laugh is infectious. They do say it’s good for you and boosts your serotonin levels. Maybe I don’t need Botox, I just need to hear Blake laugh,” Brian quipped.