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21st Jun 2023

Mum heartbroken after her son with autism is excluded from family wedding

Kat O'Connor

A mum has been left heartbroken after her family excluded her son who has autism from their wedding.

The woman explained to Mumsnet that her brother is getting married soon, but he has excluded her son.

She is going to be one of the bridesmaids, but the special day has been tainted after her son was excluded from the guest list.

Her son is not being included in the ceremony or the dinner.

The mum shared: “I have 3 kids the older two are also part of the bridal party (both teenagers) my youngest son (also a teenager) has autism and he’s not being included.

“I’ve been told he can come after the ceremony and after food,” she said.

She said her son is being treated as an evening guest rather than a family member.

The mum is understandably heartbroken by this exclusion but is unsure about confronting her brother.

“I am so hurt and upset that one of my children is being left out of essentially a big family event,” she wrote.

The mum continued, “It’s being done on the pretense of this is best for him…without consulting with us his parents.”

She said her brother is completely unaware of the harm he has caused.

“My son won’t be comfortable in the evening more because of the loud music and potentially drunk noisy people,” she explained.

Fellow parents said her brother is being completely unreasonable. Treating her son as an outcast is only going to cause immense upset for both the mum and her child, especially if he sees his siblings being more involved.

One mum said: “As a fellow ASD mum, I know that you already know that your child can get overwhelmed (maybe they think you haven’t noticed.”

Another shared: “I would be so upset and unlikely to attend at all. Your poor son.”