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25th Sep 2015

Police launch investigation to find out of age-old question: DOES the siren go nee-nah or woo-woo

Trine Jensen-Burke

Police officers from North Swindon were visiting a class full of 5-year-olds recently to talk about traffic safety, but the conversation quickly became centered on more serious issues, like whether the police car siren goes nee-nah or woo-woo.

Never ones to not investigate a pressing issue, the community support officers swiftly hauled the young students of Haydonleigh primary school outside to the police car and set off the siren.

And although the full outcome of the investigation has yet to be made official to the public, the police very courteously posted an apology on social media after the event to the neighbouring community:

“Apologies to anyone in the Haydonleigh area who may have been disturbed by our sirens yesterday morning – the PCSOs were at the Primary School having a very important debate with the new Reception Year children about whether they go nee-nah or woo-woo,” The North Swindon Police wrote on Facebook.

The. Sheer. Cuteness.

The officers also expressed a thank you the school and the young pupils that had welcomes them, and stated that they had been very impressed with the youngsters behaviour, thoughtful questions and knowledge about the police:

“We especially liked the suggestion that we should have police rhinos, and will be looking into the possibility of training them to knock down the ’baddies’ front doors.”

Police rhinos. You have to hand it to kids. If they ruled the world…