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09th Mar 2023

President Higgins says schools should teach sexuality ‘in fullest sense’

Higgins spoke out about the controversial subject.

All children should be taught about sexuality in the fullest sense, President Higgins has said.

The subject has caused a major debate in Ireland this week, but both Leo Varadkar and President Higgins have shut down backlash by supporting the move.

In his International Women’s Day statement, President Higgins said Ireland should be free from violence and discrimination.

“There can be no doubt that women suffered disproportionately during the COVID-19 pandemic. Any reflection on the COVID period must address that fact.

“It is matter for the greatest concern that so many of the social spaces, and places of public recreation have become characterised by aggression and misogyny.

He continued;

“While each of these issues must be addressed, there is also the need for the appropriate dissemination of basic information regarding sexuality in the fullest sense, by those responsible for providing education.

“It is necessary that it be taught, encouraged, and its absence sanctioned.”

“On this International Women’s Day, let us reaffirm our collective commitment to building an Ireland in which all of our women citizens can participate fully and can thrive to their highest potential, free from violence and discrimination.”

Earlier this week, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar also supported the move.

Varadkar said the education system is there to teach him about the world.

“Trans people exist, they’ve always existed.

“It makes more sense in schools to just inform children about the world around them.

“Why not just give them information and facts?” he suggested.

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