Prince Harry's friends have stopped inviting Meghan Markle over for dinner 2 years ago

Prince Harry's friends have stopped inviting Meghan Markle over for dinner

Weird enough reason.

We all know how cute Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are with each other.

They have never been afraid to show affection, regularly holding hands and smooching in public.

Which, for senior members of the royal family, is pretty uncommon.

Meghan actually wants to break the long-standing royal party etiquette of couples sitting apart as she considers it too “exclusive” and “traditional”.Fair to be honest.

Apparently, the royal couple make a point of sitting together at events, even if they've been seated separately.

And it's been pissing off their friends, according to reports.

The Mail on Sunday claims that insiders say the Duchess is openly affectionate with her husband on these occasions.

Which seems fine to us, but not to those in the royal circles.

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The affection has been causing Harry’s friends to "roll their eyes at her American ways".

According to reports, Harry’s inner circle has "stopped inviting Meghan Markle to dinner" over the "frowned upon" PDAs (public displays of affection) at the dinner table.

At these fancy kind of dinners, there are said to be three rules in place for guests.

The first rule is that "placement" must be pronounced the French way, which involves emphasising each of the three syllables.

Weird flex.

The second rule is that couples should not sit together in case any affectionate behaviour puts others off their meal.

Again, bit weird.

Lastly, guests must always sit where they have been asked, in order to achieve the perfect, balanced high society table.

Hard pass on that invitation, to be honest.