This is the reason the Leaving Cert results are earlier this year 1 week ago

This is the reason the Leaving Cert results are earlier this year

The results are coming out on August 25th.

It was announced yesterday that the Leaving Cert results would be released on August 25th of this year, earlier than they were in the few years previous.

Now being given to students a week earlier than last year, as well as the CAO being released earlier also – on August 30th.

But why is it earlier this year? The decision to move it up has been welcomed by colleges and universities across the country as it had been significantly delayed due to the Covid pandemic.

Third level institutions were forced to delay the start of the academic year for first year students because of the pandemic, which led to the results being issued later than normal.

Typically, the results always came out on a Wednesday in mid-August, meaning this year is still delayed compared to pre-Covid levels.

Minister for Education Norma Foley has welcomed the date, saying it is a "significant and very welcome step towards pre-pandemic norms”.

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“I want to acknowledge the SEC’s huge effort and commitment to deliver this timeline, including its intensive campaign to recruit teachers as examiners. I want to take this opportunity also to thank all those teachers who are engaging in this important work,” she said.

Both the Junior and Leaving Cert exams are set to start on Wednesday, June 7th and the date for the Junior Cert results is yet to be announced.

The State Examinations Commission said in a statement that the number of written examiners available to mark the exams is at a much higher level than it was last year due to a new recruitment campaign, higher rates of pay and support from teacher unions, school leadership and management bodies.


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