Researchers have determined that today is the day couples are most likely to cheat 3 years ago

Researchers have determined that today is the day couples are most likely to cheat

Apparently, today is the day that couples are most likely to cheat on each other!

Researchers have found that July 20 is a date that correlates with the beginning or reigniting of a lot of affairs.

The day has even been deemed Frisky Friday, due to the volume of people who cheat on this particular date.

So what is it exactly about this time of the year that causes so many couples to have affairs outside of their relationship?

Well, apparently it's all down to the summer holidays!

Researchers have found that a lot of people throw caution to the wind when it comes to their commitments, as many of them will be holidaying with their families and see the end of July as there last chance to see their lovers.

According to The Mirror, the study carried out showed that the first three weeks of July sees a 25 per cent rise in activity in extra-marital dating sites.


This percentage escalates 54 per cent higher than normal in the third week with a 70 per cent rise on July 20 or Frisky Friday, the single most active day of the year for adultery.

Another shocking statistic found that on top of the summer being peak time for affairs, 82 per cent of adulterers actually stay in touch with their lovers while they are away with their family on vacation!

Those who studied the causes of adultery also believe that the longer days during the summer can contribute to cheating because people are out more and socialising with new people.

The nice long days may be a factor but I doubt very much any husband or wife will take that as a legitimate excuse for an affair.

Maybe just use the extra daylight to have a nice BBQ outside instead and save yourself the cost of a divorce.