Rosanna Davison shares major parenting milestone 1 month ago

Rosanna Davison shares major parenting milestone

We can relate..

The former Miss World took to Instagram to share a major parenting milestone with her fans.

She shares three children with her husband Wes Quirke, twin boys Hugo and Oscar and their daughter Sophia.

Rosanna shared a snap of her recent trip to Rasam Indian restaurant as a family of five.

The entire family were sitting enjoying a meal hassle free and Rosanna was absolutely thrilled.

She wrote: "Sophia has been to restaurants with us lots of times but we've never been brave enough to bring the destructive duo Hugo and Oscar... until today!

"We brought the toddler squad for an early evening dinner @rasamrestaurant and my parents came along too so that @wesquirke and I wouldn't be outnumbered!"

The mum-of-three went on to share pics of the family trip saying it was a total success. She even shared some of her tips that helps keep little ones settled out in public.

She said: "And do you know what? It was actually a success! I brought their own cutlery, plus books and crayons to keep them occupied while we waited for their food.


"The ice-cream for dessert was their favourite of course! It has given us the confidence to bring them out some more and maaaaaybe even bring them abroad later this year.

"I'd given the boys lots of pep talks during the day about how to behave at restaurants and not to throw food. They apparently listened!'

"A run around after dinner for some fresh sea air and they were ready to go home to bed. Thank you @rasamrestaurant for being so kind and accommodating."

Other parents were quick to support the influencer and share their experiences bringing their kids out to restaurants and public places.

One wrote: "We have 3 under 2 and I always wonder if there’s any chance of going back to a restaurant ever again. Thank you for posting this and congratulations."

Another said: "I waitressed my way through college. Your thoughtfulness and concern about making the event a wonderful time for all involved is awesome!

"I can't even begin to describe the "family tables" I had to clean up. I needed a hazmat suit! So glad you had a great night."


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