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05th Jun 2019

Ryan Tubridy just shared a serious throwback of himself, and ah bless

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Tiny lil Ryan.

We have officially entered into Exam season.

The Junior Cert and Leaving Cert officially kicked off today, and we’re not remotely jealous of the people doing it.

However, at least for once they don’t have stunning weather beating in on them as they try and write an essay about the Second World War.

Anyway, there have been good luck cards and well wishes all over the place, even from celebs.

The gorge Ryan Tubridy took to Instagram today to wish all the students sitting state exams the best.

And honestly, the picture he posted is the cutest thing ever.

Ryan posted a lil snap of himself as a child, clearly sitting some sort of exam.

“The best thing about starting exams is that the end is in sight. Love and luck to everyone. Let’s DO this!” he wrote as a caption.

How cute is that sure?

Loads of people have commented on the post, sharing personal stories about exams.

One nervous mum commented:

“My first of 4 is gone off to do her leaving cert. I’m more nervous than her! Such a big deal now but only a moment in the wonderful adventures that lie ahead for her and all her peers. Best of luck to them all and to all the mammies daddies and small villages that it takes to get them to here.”

Our hearts.

“Best wishes to everyone sitting exams. Remember that there are usually many roads to the life you wish to lead,” wrote another wise follower.

 We’re still shook by tiny Ryan Tubridy.