Schools in the UK are asking parents not to partake in World Book Day 5 years ago

Schools in the UK are asking parents not to partake in World Book Day

Will your little one be taking part?

World Book Day is taking place this Thursday, on March 1, encouraging children to read more and forget about technology for one whole day.

Also on the day, as a nod to all the wonderful authors and their books, children around the country dress up as their favourite characters or authors.

It's becoming increasingly more popular in recent years with schools getting involved with the day. But, some schools in the UK  are calling for no dress up days as it puts too much pressure on the children in the class that cannot afford to buy a costume.

In one area, Dundee, parents were sent a letter asking them to tone down the costumes this year, according to The Sun. A local councillor, Gregor Murray, also said:

"We want every school in Dundee to make the most of World Book Day in the coming week. This day will be used to inspire pupils to get reading and enjoy the benefits it brings for their education and wider life.

I am also aware of the financial pressures that any fancy dress linked to the day can bring to some families.

But we would never discourage any pupils from using World Book Day as a way to express their creativity about reading."


What do you think? Does it put too much pressure on families?