See how this classic children's book got some gender equal updates 5 years ago

See how this classic children's book got some gender equal updates

There is no denying that back in the day books – reflecting life at the time, of course – were fairly heavy on the old gender stereotypes.

Mums were depicted cooking and baking and taking care of the house, while dads went out to work, got their dinner on a plate and provided for the family.

The problem is that children reading the books both then – and also now – are being fed these by-now fairly outdated views on family dynamics.

But American children's book author, Richard Scarry, who has created more than 300 books since 1949, has quietly been updating his work to ensure that it would be acceptable for modern audiences. Just take a look at these subtle, but significant changes he has made to one of his most loved books, Best Word Book Ever, which was penned in 1963.

A perfect example of how subtle changes can make a big difference.

1963 Vs. 2015 




Since the 1950s, our understanding of gender roles, family life and ethnic relationships have changed a LOT, and we for one love how the author has updated his work to suit life today and smash the gender stereotypes of our predecessors. This will help ensure that the children who love his books will no be influenced by outdated gender norms.

The subtle updates were noticed by a senior photo editor in the US, who himself had loved Scarry’s books as a child, and had now noticed the changes in his own kids’ books.


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