My sister stole my baby name- should I still use it for my son? 10 months ago

My sister stole my baby name- should I still use it for my son?

"I am completely gobsmacked"

Figuring out what name to call your child is not easy.

Finding the perfect name for them may take a while, but everything falls into place once your heart is set on it.

But what do you do when someone uses the moniker you've picked?

One mum revealed her sister stole her baby's name.

The woman and her sister were pregnant around the same time.

She felt like she could trust her sister so she told her the name she had in mind for her son.

"I told my sister a few months back that I really liked the name Judah for a boy."


"We were both expecting boys but she was dead set on calling her baby boy River so I thought I was on the safe ground telling her my choice," she told Mumsnet.

The woman's sister gave birth to her son first. Her sister was stunned to hear she called her baby Jude.

"I am completely gobsmacked and quite upset, to be honest. I'm not prepared to cause a massive fuss and a fallout over a name," she admitted.

The mum doesn't know if she should call her son Judah or is it too similar to her sister's son's moniker.

"Would you still call your baby Judah if your sister had named their baby Jude? Or do you all think I should just bow out graciously and go with my second choice which is Josiah or my hubby's first choice which is Theodore/Theo/Teddy?"

We absolutely love the name Teddy. The sweet moniker means 'gift of God' which is super special.

What would you do if you were in this mum's position? Do you think she should confront her sister or take the easier route and pick something else?