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10th Oct 2023

Stacey Solomon has the ‘worst’ morning on the school run

Anna Martin

Even Stacey Solomon has bad days sometimes!

Though the matriarch of Pickle Cottage usually looks like she has everything under control sometimes things just don’t go to plan – like the school run.

Of course, Stacey likes to show the highs and lows of being a parent over on her Instagram and she made no exception when it came to sharing the story of her mini-disaster.

“Good morning from a very stranded mother and her two children,” she said to the camera, still somehow managing to crack a smile.

“I’ve had the worst morning, Leighton missed the school bus so I had to drive him all the way into school.” Okay not too bad but not ideal, yet things just got worse.

‘Then I had to get Zachary in, then Rex,” the Loose Women presenter added, “I was onto my last school run of the day… and my tyre blew out.”

Only making things worse is that when she began recording already looking quite stressed one of her younger daughters began to fuss and cry in the car.

Luckily after the incident, Stacey was able to safely navigate her car into a car park to wait for breakdown assistance to arrive.

“I literally crawled into this pub car park and now I’m sitting here with Rose and Belle waiting in the car, praying that this pub opens soon,’ she explained.

On the bright side, things started to turn around for the busy mum as when she next shared an update she and her girls were out of the car and sitting at a table in the pub.

”The lovely lady in the pub has let us wait inside. Belle is as happy as I am about it,” Stacey said panning over to her smiling daughter.

It seems that the whole situation got sorted in the end as after sharing a snap of her car without its front wheel she posted a picture of one of her girls in what looked to be the garden of her home.


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