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01st Nov 2015

The 2-second trick that can help your relationship last FOREVER

Trine Jensen-Burke

Want to know the secret to perfect and successful relationships?

It looks like researchers now have found it – and it is quite amazing – and yet beautifully simple. According to scientists at Georgia University in the US, is all comes down to showing gratitude. Being grateful, and telling your partner that you are, will, it seems, help keep you together forever.

The Center for Family Research at the university surveyed 468 married people to see what made them tick and what kept them happy. What they discovered, was that appreciating your partner for both the big and small things they do for you was a big indicator of relationship satisfaction.

This does make sense, we must admit. Just think about it for a moment, it really is when you feel seen and appreciated that you feel closest to your partner, even if things aren’t perfect.

This is what the study’s lead author, Allen Barton, told the Daily Mail about the results:

“The power of ‘thank you’ is important. Even if a couple is experiencing distress and difficulty in other areas, gratitude in the relationship can help promote positive marital outcomes.”

Barton points out that the study is the first one to document the protective effect that feeling appreciated by your spouse can have for marriages.

“We think it is quite important as it highlights a practical way couples can help strengthen their union, particularly if they are not the most adept communicators in conflict.”

Now, will YOU remember to say thank you the next time your partner take the rubbish out or give the floors a going over?