This single dad is teaching other dads how to style their daughters’ hair 6 years ago

This single dad is teaching other dads how to style their daughters’ hair

When single dad Philippe Morgese posted his one-of-a-kind idea about Dads and Daughters” hair class to the Internet, he had no idea it would become a viral sensation.

It was shortly after becoming a single dad to his daughter Emma when she was only 1, that Morgese realized the amount of things he had to learn now. Not only did he have to figure out the most common single-parent dilemma — how to be two parents in one — he had to master a whole host of other daughter-raising skills that no amount of parenting  manuals were going to tell him.

One of these was the task of doing his daughters hair. Morgese started carefully by just dressing up his toddler daughter’s hair with hair clips. But as both her hair and his own confidence grew, he began to try out some more complicated hair styles - much to the enjoyment of his little girl.

The Florida based father-of-one moved on from pigtails to more intricate hairstyles, even ones that most women wouldn’t dare try at home. But it wasn’t until he started to receive compliments for his creations, especially from fellow dads, that Morgese realized what was missing.


“I’ve always done my daughter’s hair, but this year I have shared it more because it is more accepted," he told Babble.


"I worried about the opinions of others when I needed to figure out Emma’s hair, so I went online to research. Websites like Reddit and YouTube provided so much assistance and reassurance for me. Once I started experimenting with new styles and sharing them online, I found that many of us had the same struggle.”

12108937_1909543652605080_7039297888657636719_nAn idea was born, and Morgese’s first “Dads and Daughters” hair class, hosted at a local beauty school, was an instant hit. The turnout for the first small class was much better than expected, with "dads showing up excited at the opportunity to bond with their daughters."

Morgese plans to provide more classes like this through his Daddy Daughter Hair Factory community.

How. Sweet. Is. This?!

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