Mum sparks debate after asking if it's okay to leave toddler in car alone 5 months ago

Mum sparks debate after asking if it's okay to leave toddler in car alone

A mum sparked an online debate about when, if ever, it was okay to leave a toddler alone in the car.

The woman explained that her husband leaves their 20-month-old child while he goes inside to the petrol station to pay - which she says she would never dream of doing.

The Mumsnet user said:

“I'm horrified that he's left her and have said I really don't want him to do that again, he thinks I am ridiculous and 'it's only for two minutes.”

The question has left members of the parenting forum divided and has gotten more than 300 responses so far.

One person slammed the “overprotective” mum, adding:

“What would you do if you had 20 month old twins or triplets?

“I think you’re being over protective. As long as you are able to see the toddler I don’t think it’s wrong.”

Someone else said:

“Of course, a petrol station forecourt is far more dangerous with a wriggling toddler trying to escape than leaving them in the car.

“I lock it obviously.”


Another person added:

“I always have left my son in the car and I think it's crazily [over the top] to take them with you.

“I’d be pretty pissed off if I was waiting for a pump to become free while a crazy over protective parent had to re strap in 3 wriggling babies and toddlers as they couldn't bear to leave them for 3 minutes whilst they paid for petrol!”

But other Mumsnet users took the original poster’s side.

One supportive parent said:

"Shouldn't do it really... what if the car was stolen or another car hit the vehicle... has happened in the past..."

Another chimed in:

"I would definitely take my toddler with me to pay. Every time."