Tommy Fury says "men are useless" after seeing Molly Mae give birth 7 months ago

Tommy Fury says "men are useless" after seeing Molly Mae give birth

"The best thing that will ever happen in my entire life."

Love Island star Tommy Fury has opened up on becoming a dad, describing the experience as the "best thing" that's ever happened to him.

Tommy, who is in a relationship with Molly-Mae Hague, welcomed his first child at the end of January after Molly-Mae gave birth to a baby girl. The couple decided to name her Bambi.

In a recent YouTube video, Molly-Mae shared her birth story, which captured Tommy's reaction to becoming a dad.

Molly-Mae asks him how he feels, and Tommy says: "It’s single-handedly the best thing that’s ever happened so far, and the best thing that will ever happen in my entire life.

"Work, holidays, whatever it is just doesn’t compare to being a father and having your own family. It’s the best feeling in the world."

He also said that witnessing labour made him respect women even more, as he tells Molly that she "went up a hundred gazillion percent" in his estimation.

He tells Molly: "I had a lot of respect for women anyway because of what they go through with periods and stuff but then birth is a completely different level.


"So, after seeing that and experiencing what she went through – it’s just – men are useless. Women deserve a lot of credit because what they have to go through – Big up women power!"

Elsewhere in the video, Molly-Mae addresses criticism of her baby name choice.

She says: "I know it’s unusual and unique and not going to be to everyone’s taste, so when we announced it, in my mind… it’s a beautiful name. And then two seconds later, I was like, 'Oh my God!'"

She said the backlash reminded her of how nasty people can be.

However, it won't stop her from appreciating the "most precious gift in the world".

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