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23rd Feb 2023

Tommy Fury says Molly Mae is dealing “with everything herself”

Kat O'Connor

Tommy Fury has opened up about becoming a father but his comments have been met with backlash.

The Love Island star is currently away from his family as he prepares for the ‘fight of his career’.

Speaking about his newborn daughter, the professional boxer admitted Molly Mae is a hands-on mum.

He told the BBC;

“Molly’s took it upon herself to deal with everything herself.

“She hasn’t bothered me once about anything,” he continued.

The dad continued, “She’s been absolutely amazing. I think people need to stand up and give her a lot of credit for that.”

Tommy explained that the fight is so serious that he couldn’t stop training.

Leaving Molly and their daughter may have been difficult, but the dad admitted he has to make sacrifices.

“And these are the sort of sacrifices that I’ve made in the lead-up to this. It is what it is, what can you do? I’ll make up for it when I’m home.”

After the birth of their daughter, Tommy Fury said “men are useless” after he watched Molly Mae give birth to their daughter.

Speaking in his partner’s YouTube video, the new father said;

“It’s single-handedly the best thing that’s ever happened so far, and the best thing that will ever happen in my entire life.

“Work, holidays, whatever it is just doesn’t compare to being a father and having your own family. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

“I had a lot of respect for women anyway because of what they go through with periods and stuff but then birth is a completely different level.

“So, after seeing that and experiencing what she went through – it’s just – men are useless. Women deserve a lot of credit because what they have to go through.

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