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14th May 2024

One Irish baby name deemed ‘extinct’ in Ireland is hugely popular in US

Sophie Collins

Baby name, Maeve

In the ever-evolving landscape of baby names, one Irish gem is making waves across the Atlantic in 2024.

Once teetering on the brink of extinction, this traditional Irish baby name has staged a remarkable comeback, capturing hearts and imaginations far beyond its homeland.

Just a few years ago, the name Maeve faced an uncertain future, languishing in the lower ranks of popularity with dwindling naming records. 

However, its fortunes have started to change dramatically.

By 2022, Maeve had undergone a resurgence, reclaiming its status as one of the most sought-after names of the year.

The momentum only continued to grow in 2023, as leading baby name website, Nameberry tipped Maeve for a further climb, predicting its rise to the top five names in the US. 

True to its forecast, Maeve soared in popularity, securing its position as the site’s top trending girls’ name for 2024, drawing admiration for its ancient mythological roots and powerful meaning – ‘intoxicating’ and ‘she who rules.’

The rise of Maeve in the US reflects a broader trend towards embracing names with rich cultural significance.

From its humble placement as the 334th most popular name in 2018, Maeve has steadily ascended to the 104th spot by 2022, poised to break into the coveted top 100 this year.

But Maeve isn’t the only name basking in the spotlight of Irish heritage. 

Nora, though of Latin origin, boasts deep ties to Irish culture, resonating with its timeless charm and grace. 

Ranked 17th on Nameberry’s list of top picks for 2024, Nora stands as another example of a name steeped in tradition and history that is growing in popularity in the US.