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27th Dec 2021

December 27th: Here are the best movies on telly today

Grab the popcorn and get cozy on the sofa.

The days between Christmas and New Year all blend into one.

Is it Wednesday? Or Sunday? It could be February for all we know.

We have no plans other than curling up on the sofa with a mountain of Christmas leftovers to get through.

There’s nothing but empty Malteser wrappers in the tin of Celebrations, but there’s a tin of Foxes biscuits calling our name.

And you know what? We can’t think of anything better.

Spending time at home is all we want after the rush of Christmas.

We’ve already binged watched season 2 of Emily in Paris and all of Downton Abbey for the 10th time.

Luckily, there are plenty of movies to watch on the telly today.

There’s everything from Pixar hits, new family-favourites as well as one of the best chick flicks of all time.

We’ve gathered up a list of the top movies on the telly.

There’s something for everyone and plenty of kid-friendly movies that will keep them quiet all afternoon.

Why not gather the family together and tune into Paddington 2 this evening? The heartwarming movie is the best choice, no matter what your age.

You can check out our top picks below:

Finding Dory

BBC1 1.30 pm


Film4 2.55 pm

Into the Woods

RTÉ 2 3. 15 pm

The Incredibles

RTÉ 1 3.40 pm

West Side Story

BBC 2 4.35 pm

Paddington 2

BBC 1 5.55 pm


TG4 9.20 pm

When Harry Met Sally

BBC 1 00.00 am


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