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21st Jun 2024

‘My sister told me to rename my cat because she wants the same name for her baby’

Niamh Ryan

A distressed cat owner must either rename or re-home her pet, as her sister wants the same name for her baby

The woman took to Reddit for advice, as her family has made her feel like she was overreacting to the situation.

Her two cats – Tonks and Dio – are like her children, she explained in the post.

Her sister is expecting a baby and while picking names out, texted the woman saying she wanted to name her son after a family member.

The family member and the cat both happen to have the same name, Dio. However, the woman’s sister is expecting her to change her cat’s name.

“My sister calls me and just says something like, she can’t ever be over at our (mine and mom’s) house with a cat named after her son. It’s disrespectful,” she said.

As she has had the cat for 11 years, she believes changing his name now will only confuse him:

“I know I SHOULD care more about a nephew than a cat but this is like my kid. I don’t want him to be confused and scared for the last half of his life.”

People in the comments were quick to side with the cat owner, saying her sister was being unreasonable and she was right to feel annoyed.

“I had a dog named Jack. When he was 10, my cousin had a son and named him Jack. We never had any issues. We also have an uncle Jack,” wrote one user.

Who do you think is in the wrong – the cat owner or her sister?