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20th Jun 2024

‘My daughter’s school offered to retouch her photos and I’m furious’

Kat O'Connor

The school has come under fire over the move

School picture day is never fun for pupils. You are expected to pose like the Queen, your shirt is buttoned so high you’re concerned about air supply, and don’t even get us started on the fear of having a hair out of place.

What if you blink or have something stuck in your teeth?

It’s all a bit of a nuisance really and we’re glad those days are behind us.

All parents really want is a nice reminder of their child’s school days.

What they don’t want is for the photos to be retouched like it’s a L’Oreal campaign.

One mum opened up about how she felt when she was told her daughter’s photos could be retouched.

The service included hiding blemishes, removing stray hairs, whitening teeth, and smoothing their skin. It even offered to remove children’s braces from the photo.

“I’m going to need someone to explain to me why Lifetouch offers PHOTO RETOUCH for KIDS school pics?! What the hell?!” mum Jenn Greene tweeted.

“It’s teaching kids that they need to look perfect all the time and that they can change a perceived flaw with the click of a mouse.”

Kids are struggling enough at the moment. They’re dealing with enough insecurities and worries, so this service definitely isn’t a good call.

Blemishes, stray hairs, and acne are all normal. Normal people don’t have glistening white smiles like Hollywood actresses or perfectly straight teeth, and that’s perfectly fine

We should encourage children to embrace who they are instead of shaming them for things that are completely human.