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12th Jun 2024

Major update to Irish driver theory test questions just weeks away

Niamh Ryan

Those taking the theory test are now required to study the May 2024 edition of the Driver Theory Test Questions.

The June 2019 edition of the theory test book can still be used for drivers taking the test before July 1st.

The revised material aims to teach candidates more thoroughly, and includes more relevant questions about road safety.

The news comes after an increase of collisions and crashes on Irish roads over the last year.

In April, RTÉ reported that more than 60 people died in the first four months of the year. In 2023, 188 people were killed due to road fatalities in Ireland.

Candidates will still have to get 35 out of 40 questions right in order to pass the test.

The Road Safety Authority issued a statement regarding the use of unofficial material:

“Please be aware that there are currently a number of unlicensed and unofficial revision material apps and websites on the market.”

According to the RSA, a significant amount of people take the exam over the summer months, which is why they have decided to put the updated test into practice now.

The app version of the revision book can be found on the App Store and Google Play for €14.99.