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04th Dec 2018

The ward where Kate Middleton gave birth just had an inspection, and it did NOT go well

Rebecca O'Keeffe


The Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in London has become well known for being the place of high profile births.

In particular, it has become renowned as the place where members of the royal family give birth.

Kate Middleton had her three gorgeous children in the Lindo Wing, and Princess Diana gave birth to Harry and William there also.

Meghan Markle is also rumoured to be giving birth in the Lindo Wing next year.

So naturally, you’d expect that the cleanliness standards of the maternity ward would be second-to-none.

kate middleton

Well, after a recent inspection of the facility by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), it seems standards are not as high as you’d think.

The Lindo Wing received a two out of five in terms of a hygiene rating, which is pretty concerning.

damning report from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) means “improvement is necessary”.

The report, which has been posted on the FSA website, said that “improvement is necessary” on the “cleanliness and condition of facilities and building”.

Imagine! The birthplace of Kings not being up to standard?

kate middleton

Meghan Markle is also expected to give birth in the Lindo Wing, which doesn’t come cheap (obviously).

A one night stay in the ward starts at £5,900, with an overnight spell in one of the suites closer to £7,500.


In two other categories of the report, the FSA found that “hygienic food handling” was “very good”.

“Management of food safety” was also rated “very good”.

A spokesman for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust said: “Two of the three aspects of food hygiene inspected at the Lindo Wing were rated as very good.”

“The issues highlighted in the report were isolated and have been rectified.”