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28th Apr 2022

The Mothership: Family budgeting and the cost of living

Laura Cunningham

Budgeting should not be a dirty word

Welcome to the  final episode in this series of The Mothership, the show that brings the issues that matter most to Irish families, to the table.

On this week’s show, we’re talking about how cost of living increases are affecting Irish families.

Joining Laura at the table is Gwen Harris from MABS, Ann-Marie Gaynor, AKA ‘IrishBudgetingMammy’ and social worker, Diane Ihirwe.

It’s safe to say many people are feeling the pinch right now. When it comes to family finance, over the last number of years things like soaring rent costs and eye-watering childcare fees have been the issues we’ve all been talking about, but now they’re joined by price hikes across the board on things like utilities, groceries and fuel – and Irish families are really feeling it.

In this episode we talk about inflation, debt, shame and how budgeting is not a dirty word.

A huge thanks as always to our panel and to you for watching throughout the series.

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