Musings: No I'm not 'all ready for Christmas', please stop asking 1 year ago

Musings: No I'm not 'all ready for Christmas', please stop asking

It's honestly stressing me out at this stage.

Since October ended I'm seeing more and more people saying that they have started their Christmas shopping, which is fine.

As a mum though I feel like the expectation is to start way earlier, and by way earlier I mean January.

Before summer even hit I was seeing comments online on Facebook and parenting forums talking about how they already had their Christmas shopping done and dusted.

While this may be the expectation to live up to, it's just not something I'm ever going to do and it really stresses me out when months before Christmas I'm being asked if I'm 'all ready'.

No, I'm not, please stop asking.

As a parent I can now fully understand what my grandmother meant when she said she didn't really like Christmas and that it was just for kids.

Christmas stresses me out like no other time or the year and the stress to get everything bought in time and to have the day itself be perfect, sucks all the joy out of the season for me.


It makes me wonder if it was always like this or if as modern day parents were putting ourselves under too much pressure.

When it comes to other parents starting their shopping early, I don't mind that, each to their own.

For me the stress comes when I feel like I'm getting the side eye because I'm not one of them.

To be honest, I feel like I'm the only mum who isn't ready to go come December 1st, adding even more stress to it all.

I personally just don't see the point in buying things way in advance, especially gifts for small children who are guaranteed to change their minds (hello Late Late Toy Show).

In general I think the pushing of Christmas shopping comes too early each year and it's part of the reason why parents feel they need to be shopping all year round.

Add to that toy shops saying that they might have a shortage this year (which they say every year).

As it stands I have not yet bought a single Christmas gift, I'll probably get started this month, but no, I'm far from ready.