Musings: I never watched the Late Late Toy Show as a child and now I finally understand why 6 months ago

Musings: I never watched the Late Late Toy Show as a child and now I finally understand why

I'm about to get controversial.

Unlike most Irish people my age, I never engaged in the annual tradition of watching The Late Late Toy Show.

To be honest, I didn't think it was that unusual until other people started looking at me like I had three heads when I would say it.

Almost every adult I know still gets excited about rushing home to settle into their jammies and settle in for a much-loved childhood tradition.

It's not that I can't understand the appeal of the Toy Show, it was just never a big part of my childhood and lately I've come to see why.

The regular Late Late Show was as much of a staple in our home as it was in everyone else's with my grandmother buying in crisps and cans of Lilt to keep us quiet while she listened to Gay Byrne and his guests.

And yet, for some reason, on that one occasion when the Late Late was actually kid focused, it just wasn't on in our house.

It seemed odd at first to me but when I really thought about it I knew why and it's the same reason I get terrified when my own kids want to watch it - their Santa lists changes immediately.


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The Celtic Tiger never really arrived in our house and occasions like Christmas had to be planned well in advance.

Christmas hampers, new winter clothes and of course, presents were all paid off in installments in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day.

If I caught sight of something on the telly and suddenly wanted that instead of the gift already half paid for, the whole plan would be turned on its head.

And to be honest, I probably would have. I remember what I was like as a child and chances are I would have turned around asking for something that cost an arm and a leg, only a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Since I didn't grow up watching The Toy Show, you're probably wondering if I now watch it with my kids.

This year will actually be the first year that we sit down to watch it.

My eldest is in primary school and all the other kids are talking about staying up late to watch it. Of course, I don't want him to be the only one left out.

Might have to nip into Penneys after work to grab myself some special jammies for the occasion. It's my first Late Late Toy Show after all!