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31st Mar 2016

10 April Fools Pranks to Get Your Kids Back for Never Going to Sleep. Ever.

Sophie White

We all love our kids more than anything in the world, but for one day of the year it’s nice to have a little sneaky revenge on their never sleeping, constant screaming of our names, refusal to eat whatever it is that is on offer until it is taken away and no longer available.

That day, my friends, is upon us. Tomorrow – drum roll – is April Fools’ Day. The day that parents can get their own back on their ungrateful spawn.

10 April Fools to Get Your Kids Back for Never Going to Sleep. Ever.

1. Shockingly Cruel

Dip skewered onions in toffee to make candied onions.


2. Egg-cellent Fake

Trick them with a tinned apricot and dollop of yoghurt masquerading as a fried egg. *Evil Laugh*


3. Revenge is sweet

Tell them you made brownies then serve them THIS. Mwahahahahahah!


4. Bad Juju-uice

Set jelly mix in small glasses with a straw. Suck on that kids!


5. Banjaxed Banana

Use a pin to slice a still-peeled banana, then laugh your ass off at their faces when they peel it and banana goes everywhere.


6. Oh-No Oreos

Scrape out the cream filling of Oreos (and enjoy it yourself) then replace it with toothpaste.


7. I Scream, you scream

They’ll scream when they taste this ice cream sundae made with scoops of mashed potato and gravy instead of ice cream and chocolate sauce.


8. Too Far?

Pretend your dinner smells funny and trick them into checking their own, when they do, stick their faces in it. This maybe slightly over the top…


9. Seriously Too Far

Not even I would do this one, tempting though it is…


10. The Lazy Parent’s Prank

If all this smacks of too much effort, just draw on them while they sleep.


What’s the best prank you’ve ever played? Tell us your tricks in the comments…