10 Things You Can Clean With Coca Cola (Instead Of Drinking It) 6 years ago

10 Things You Can Clean With Coca Cola (Instead Of Drinking It)

It is one of the most famous beverages in the world.

But did you know that Coca Cola has many other properties apart from the ability to quench your thirst? In fact, when you have seen this list of what you should be doing with that can lurking at the back of your fridge (instead of drinking it, which you should not do), we bet you might be a little surprised...

Here are ten rather surprising uses for Coca Cola (all of them more healthy and appealing than actually drinking it!):

1. Remove rust from you bike

That's right; Coca Cola is a great rust -mover (which makes you wonder what it is doing to your insides, no?) According to Bright Nest, the acid in Coca Cola cuts through rust as if it was butter, and is therefore the perfect product for this. All you do is pour a few drops of Coke on a cloth and get rubbing.

2. Remove burnt-on stains from your cookware

Next time you burn the rice or leave the pasta on a little too long, reach for a can of Coke instead of the Fairy Liquid. To restore your pot or pan to its former glory, pour an entire can of coke into it and then put it on the stove at low heat. The acid in the Coke will break down the black grime on the pot, making it easier to clean. After an hour or so, wash your pot as you normally would, and you should be grime-free.


3. Get grease-stains out of clothing


Getting grease out of clothes can be a total nightmare, but apparently good aul' Coke can help. Pour some Coke into the washing machines with the washing powder you normally use, and watch the magic happen. (Note: Do not try this trick on items made from wool or silk.)

4. Remove limescale from your toilet bowl

Cleaning the loo is not our favourite job by any stretch, but did you know using Coke can make this so much easier? Just pour a bottle of Coke down your toilet, leave it for an hour, then flush. The yellow limescale stains will be bleached to a lighter colour, and you can now scrub the toilet as you would normally.

5. Clean you coffee maker

Coke has great powers when it comes to loosening up limescale, also in your coffee maker. Pour some into the glass bit and leave for a while, rinse well.

6. Clean the grout between your bathroom tiles

Grubby looking grout can really make your bathroom look dirty and grimy. But again, Coke can come to your rescue. Just pour some on a cloth and get scrubbing.



7. Remove oil stains on your garage floor

Just pour some coke on the stain and let it sit for a little bit before hosing off.

8. Use as garden fertilizer

Both your grass and compost will get a great boost from the all the sugar.

9. Clean you car battery

According to many, Coca Cola on a cloth is by far the most effective way to clean the battery on your car.

10. Cleans and polished old coins

Drop a handful old and dirty copper coins into a bowl of Coca Cola and watch what happens!

Now; anyone having seconds thoughts about actually drinking Coca Cola now?!