8 Hilariously Dramatic Letters From Kids Who Are Not Loving Life At Summer Camp 7 years ago

8 Hilariously Dramatic Letters From Kids Who Are Not Loving Life At Summer Camp

As of 2017 Canada will do away with the traditional eight-week Summer holidays. Anyone feeling a little bit envious???

The Canadians claim they are making the change after research has shown the long gap in schooling results in stalled learning progress. Surely this is just a convenient excuse. I know we're only a few weeks in, but already the Summer holidays may be stressing some of us out. Simply put, what do we DOOOO with them? Whether you're a working parent or not, the summer break is a yearly upheaval in the routine and eight weeks is a long time to keep them entertained and cared for.

Thus, the Summer Camp is a godsend for most parents... IF you can afford them.

Of course, once your child hits a certain age there's that pesky matter of free will to contend with also. Perhaps they don't want to be packed off to *insert activity here* camp. Here're eight kids who are suffering acute aversion to the Summer camp experience as illustrated in these letters to their parents.

8 kids who are hating life at Summer camp:

1. Julia advises to "take back your money and send me home!"


2. Thanks for the care package but c'mon GET IT RIGHT... he asked for sweets.



3. Josh is maintaining a positive outlook and at least the rash is gone.


4. Jim, however, is at the end of his tether.


5. Josh's note definitely seems to be cause for concern...


6. This poor chap is using the chunky font to convey his angst.


7. While this poor kid is in actual hell.


8. Hopefully Rian is too busy having fun.


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