This adorable winter-village could be the perfect DIY project to do with your kids 3 years ago

This adorable winter-village could be the perfect DIY project to do with your kids

Growing up in Norway, in the weeks before Christmas, we would always host (and attend) many 'juleverksted' – a word that more or less translates as 'Christmas Workshop.'

What this is, simply put, is when you get together and make stuff for Christmas. It could be cookies (my mum would always let myself and my sister invite friends over one December afternoon every year and bake gingerbread cookies). Or Christmas decorations – paper crafts, baubles etc. Or even homemade Christmas cards. In reality, it doesn't so much matter what you make, it is more the ritual of these 'juleverksted' and that it was an opportunity to visit friends and family (or have them visit us) and get together over something so seasonal and lovely.

As it was Christmas season, you would always serve treats like gingerbread cookies, mulled wine (gløgg) and other homemade or homebaked goodies that just belong on the table this time a year. Now, living in Ireland raising my own two children, I still carry on the tradition of 'juleverksted' with my own kids and our friends. Over the couse of the next few weeks, we will have their little friends over for gingerbread house decorating, sugar cookie baking and bauble making – and I can't wait. It is such a lovely tradition, and I adore how it just makes us slow down and focus on what really matters this season – spending time with people we care about.

In general, I love making stuff with my children, and am always on the hunt for projects that seem doable – AKA not so difficult we end up with tantrums, tears and half-finished projects. Recently I came across this beautiful winter village over on, and I love how it not only will be something fun and creative to do rigth now, but how it also can be this thing we can add to next year and the year after and the year after.

The best bit? It can be done totally the way you want it to – and is totally customizable. I found these little cardboard houses on Amazon, and think that with some paint (I love the pastel shades Lauren uses, but again – whatever floats your boat)

Luckily, bottle brush trees are super trendy right now, so have a look in your local TGR or Søstrene Grene – if not, you'll find tons on Amazon.


To make your very own winter village, here is what you need:

Here’s what you will need:

  • mini birdhouses (wooden or cardboard)
  • acrylic paint in the color scheme of your choice
  • paintbrushes
  • mini pine trees
  • any other accessories of your choosing

Paint your birdhouses in your desired colored scheme. You can go with traditional Christmas hues or go for a less expected palette. Wait for your houses to dry. Find a spot to display your village, starting with the houses, then adding snow and trees around them. You will see that I also added in some other fun accents like mini wreaths, birds, and presents. Feel free to get creative!