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27th Nov 2015

Are Adult Sleepovers The New Saviour For All Parents?

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I love how us big kids are being catered for this year – first we had adult colouring books, everyone’s favourite Little Tykes car for grown-ups and now, HURRAH! the grown up sleepover party.

As a parent of small kids, I have to say that the idea of a night out with the girls that I don’t have to return from until sometime after breakfast the next day is most appealing.


Let’s be clear: a grown-up sleepover is NOT the same as a ‘girlie sleepover’. There will be no cucumber pieces on the eyes, there will be no face masks or *pukes* pillow fights – this is not ‘Grease’ for god’s sake. A grown-up sleepover is taking your boozy night out at the pub and relocating it to the comfort of someone’s home.


And whether you have kids or not, what’s not to love about meeting your favourite gang over at a mate’s house, getting into your PJs within seconds of arrival and partying in comfort?

Not for the adult partiers any concerns about long queues at the loo, not being able to get the bartender’s attention OR losing the will to live because your shoes are flippin’ killing you – you are literally ‘at your aunties’.

On top of which, when you are completely hammerballs at the end of the night, you can just collapse in a heap on your designated bit of couch, floor mattress or spare bed – there are no worries about getting home or spending loads of money on a taxi.


And if your hostess mate is really sound, he or she may even make you a nice breakfast to ward off that hangover the next day ;o)

What do you think, would you be up for a grown up sleepover? Tell us in the comments!