Beauty and the Beast revealed as Ireland's favourite fairytale 6 months ago

Beauty and the Beast revealed as Ireland's favourite fairytale

The beloved fairytale is one of our personal favourites.

Do you have a favourite fairytale? Maybe it's one from your childhood or one you read to your children every night.

Ireland's favourite fairytale has been revealed and we're not one bit surprised by the top contender.

Beauty and the Beast was crowned the top fairy tale in Ireland, according to new research.

Fairytales, for many of us, have played a significant role in our upbringing, being used to both encourage us to read and also to teach us valuable life lessons through fables.

According to recent research conducted by the language-learning ed-tech company FlashAcademy®, the significance of fairytales is a worldwide phenomenon.

In the research, each story was given a search index rating per country, with a maximum score of 100.

In Ireland, the most popular fairytale was Beauty and the Beast, achieving a search index score of 100.


This classic story is a thrilling read for both the young and the old.

It follows the life of Little Beauty, the daughter of a poor merchant that becomes entrapped in a castle that is home to a monstrous beast, but he is really a cursed prince.

What is your child's favourite fairytale?

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