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29th Jul 2023

The clever Lego jar trick that will help you make great family memories this summer

These past couple of weeks, I have been doing a whole lot of decluttering and organising around the house.

From my children were babies, I have kept one plastic box (one of those big ones) for each of them, where I gather ‘memories’ – be it artwork from creche or school, a special birthday card, their old passports as they outgrow them, ticket stubs from our trips and travel, newspaper cutouts whenever they made the local paper – you get the idea.

And now, in the middle of all this organising I’ve been doing, I took some time to organise their ‘baby boxes’ as we call them, too. I spent hours flicking through old pictures and drawings and old plane tickets and literally had to stop several times as I was crying so much over just how fast time is slipping by.

What it made me realise though, is this: Time really is going by so quickly. And in the middle of all the Mondays and Tuesdays and everydays, it can be hard to make time for – and prioritise – making family memories.

But here is the thing – when our children are all grown up – and it may still feel a long way off when they are two and three, but trust me, you will blink and they will be six and 10. And then 10 and 14. And before you know it, 14 and 18. And much as I know they will still be your children, their childhood is gone, and all there is left is the memories. So make sure to make as many as you can. Prioritise it. You will not regret it.

I recently came across this lovely idea on how you can use Lego blocks (yes, really) to make it easier to remember to make precious family memories.

Here is what you need to do:

Sit down with your family and write down all suggestions for fun, memorable family activities.

Next, get a handful of Lego blocks.

Then, using a permanent marker, write down one activity per block.

Now get a jar (preferably a clear glass one), and drop all the blocks into the jar.

Using a pair of scissors, cut out a small piece of card. Write “Making Memories” on the card. Tape the card to the jar.

And now, all you have to do, whether once a week or once a fortnight is select a Lego brick from the jar. Then go ahead and do that activity with your family. As the activities are completed, stack the blocks next to the jar. When the jar is empty return the blocks to the jar to start again, or write new activities on to the blocks.

Sounds like a great idea? I know!