Three in a room? You need this IKEA trio bed hack in your life 1 year ago

Three in a room? You need this IKEA trio bed hack in your life

Have three kids they said. It will be fun they said.

Well, they never said anything about helping out when your kids don't fit in your house anymore.

Many of us put our children in the same room because of a lack of space or simply because you feel they will develop a buddy system that will bring them closer.

In our house, my two eldest share a room in bunk beds - they love it, they have done it for so long the novelty factor is over so they don't stay up giddy chatting like I did as a girl.

We are on the verge of having another child shimmying out of her cot so I've been thinking about the best way to bed all three.

Step in IKEA hackers.

The clever folks at this genius site have cracked the best way to fit three children into an average sized room comfortably without breaking the bank.

Here's what they used:

  • KURA high bed
  • TARVA day bed with pull out bed base
  • 2 MALFORS mattress (200x80cm)
  • TROFAST frame white as staircase
  • KURA bed tent

First, build the KURA high bed and turn the ladder backwards. Then build the TARVA day bed and put it under the high bed with the foot of the daybed on the inside. Put two IKEA MALFORS mattress' on it (200x80cm)

The IKEA TROFAST frame acts as a staircase AND toy storage at the same time. Do screw the bed and frame together so it doesn't topple when your child climbs on it. The screws for securing the frame are included.

Finally, put the bed tent onto the high bed - this acts as a really fun cave-effect as well as keeping your child from falling out.

This tip from Bettina on the site is genius and we can't wait to try it