DIY parenting gadget hacks: For the lazy and resourceful 1 year ago

DIY parenting gadget hacks: For the lazy and resourceful

DIY and lazy don't usually go together, but we found five great DIY projects that will make life easier and impress your friends and family with minimal effort on your part.

1 Homemade Height Chart

This growth chart is a cut above the old ballpoint pen on the kitchen door. Cheap and quick to make, hang this up to chart the progress of a growing brood or make some nice packaging and give it to new parents.




2 The Activity Tray

If the refrain of "I'm bored" and "are we there yet" plagues most of your car journeys than why not make this cute activity tray*. It might buy you 20 minutes peace and when in a confined space with a toddler this is the best you can hope for.

*Or just stuff an apple in their mouth.


 3 Car Seat Blanket

While we're on the subject of car time. Ever notice that no matter how snuggly you tuck that blanket around them it always winds up on the floor and out of reach. This cute car seat blankie is the perfect remedy to this problem. Either make it from scratch or just customise one you already have. Another great homemade gift that says "I care extra!" for your new parent friends, who let's face it need all the caring they can get right now.




 4 Design-conscious Discipline

The time-out stool with a built-in timer will be sure to be a hit with the kids. They love to be disciplined, right? Okay maybe they won't particularly appreciate it but it will definitely make discipline more fun for us and add a nice piece of statement furniture, the statement being "don't f*ck with me". Click here the tutorial.


5 The Babysitter Box

This is an essential piece of kit for parents. We know it looks painfully organised and just a little try-hard but keeping the babysitter on side will be a huge advantage when you find yourselves stuck in traffic on the way home from a night out.* Having general instructions printed out for the various gadgets around the house will also make the handover a lot faster too.

*Code for "can't bear to go home yet. One more martini please".