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20th Sep 2018

A Dublin pub is hosting a ‘doggy date night’ where you bring your dog to dinner

Jade Hayden

Ah, stop.

If you have a dog and you’ve ever went out to dinner, you’ll be more than well aware as to the guilt associated with such an act.

You force yourself to leave the crying pup behind, you watch through the front door as they whimper and whine, you arrive at your destination only to discover that you’re not even hungry anymore but the image of your sad home alone dog remains, unshakeable.

It’s a horrible enough feeling, intense enough to ruin any potential dinner date you might have planned with your mates.

A Dublin pub appears to have remedied this issue though by introducing a ‘doggy date night’ scenario and thank god.

Phibsborough’s Doyle’s pub has introduced the doggy date night to appease everybody who doesn’t want to leave their furry friends at home while they enjoy a bite to eat.

The event includes a two course meal for two people, a bottle of house wine, and a doggy beer for the dog in question.

Stunning display.

The doggy date night kicks off from next Wednesday, September 26 but in order to head on down you’ll need to make sure you’ve booked yourself a spot.

Can’t be missing out on that sweet, sweet ‘Wuff and Ready’ menu, can you?

Reservations can be made after 3pm on 01 6991999, on Doyle’s Facebook page, or through [email protected].