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Family dynamics

15th Apr 2019

Holly Willoughby just shared the sweetest post on Instagram for her daughter’s birthday

So sweet!

Holly Willoughby is notoriously private when it comes to her personal life.

She’s especially private with regards to her children, and we so respect her for that.

However, every so often she gives fans a brief look into her life as a mum.

Yesterday, Holly took to instagram to share a sweet post on instagram, wishing her daughter a happy birthday.

Holly’s daughter, Belle, celebrated her eighth birthday over the weekend.

Holly wrote:

“And then like that she was 8…. happy birthday beautiful Belle… keep following that rainbow… love you so so much xxx”

How cute?

Along with the sweet message, the proud mum shared a candid picture of little Belle on a beach, looking at a rainbow.

A number of Holly’s fans and followers commented on the post, also wishing Belle a very happy birthday.

“Happy birthday darling Belle, the lover of all things rainbow and with the biggest smile. Lots of love from us all” wrote one of Holly’s followers.

Another said: “They grow up so fast, treasure their youth as much as possible.”

“As we say in Welsh “Penblwydd Hapus”. Hope you  and the family have an amazing day celebrating your daughter’s birthday,” commented another fan.

Happy Birthday lovely Belle!