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21st Mar 2024

Mum reveals how much the Tooth Fairy pays for her daughter’s teeth due to inflation

Jody Coffey

Tooth Fairy

“I had to look up and see how much the Tooth Fairy pays out for the first tooth”

Even the Tooth Fairy is feeling the pinch of inflation amid a worsening cost-of-living crisis.

When we weren’t questioning why a mystical fairy wanted to pay for our fallen teeth, we were pretty happy with whatever spare change she had to give us for them.

If we were lucky, there might have even been a fiver note under our pillow in exchange for our baby gnashers.

Of course, when we came of age, we realised the Tooth Fairy’s payment was often reflective of what our parents had to hand at bedtime.

In the present day, one mum has upped the rate for her child’s teeth, ensuring her daughter gets her money’s worth for them.

Taking to Reddit, the mum wanted to know what the going rate was for teeth these days.

“It’s crazy the things you Google these days. I had to look up and see how much the Tooth Fairy pays out for the first tooth,” she wrote.

After some consideration, she and her partner opted to leave a generous payment for their excited child to mark the moment.

Credit: Getty

The parents (or Tooth Fairy) left a whopping $20 for their daughter — an equivalent of around €18.

The mum also went the extra mile for the Tooth Fairy’s first visit.

“I ended up doing an origami heart out of the $20 and dusting it with glitter,” she wrote.

”Then I took a pair of Barbie shoes and stamped a glitter walking path on her nightstand.

”She loved it and instantly started checking everywhere for other shoe prints to see where Ms Tooth Fairy entered the house.”

While it was all smiles in their family after, when the little girl told her grandparents about the deposit, they were shocked, much like Reddit users who stumbled across the thread.

“20? Like 20 dollars!” one user questioned.

”That seems a lot. My kid gets a shiny £2 and a note from the tooth fairy. She is super pleased with that,” another wrote.

“We were planning on $5 but instead my son opted to keep his tooth to ‘study it’,” a third added.

The Tooth Fairy, too, ”suffers from inflation”

When the mum was hit with comments from puzzled parents over the amount left for her daughter’s tooth, she explained her reasoning for giving $20.

“The way we looked at it was like one article said, $10 [£8] to $20 [for the] first tooth then $1 [80s] to $5 [£4] each after.

”It comes out to be less than $100 [£80] over a several-year time frame.

”$100 is nothing these days over a span of years.”

Gone are the days of a cheap and cheerful visit from the Tooth Fairy, it seems!