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Family dynamics

09th Apr 2024

‘I love my daughters with all my heart, but I wish I never had children in this economy’



Trigger warning: This article mentions suicide

“You are not alone”

One parent has made a heartbreaking confession as they struggle to make ends meet due to the economy.

Taking to Reddit, the 36-year-old parent shared that they found their dream role later in life as an electrician.

However, as the economy worsens, their earnings haven’t been enough to cover accommodation, bills, and groceries each month, leaving the parent in a constant state of stress.

“As a first year electrician apprentice I bring home $2400/month after taxes. A 2 bedroom apartment costs at minimum $1000/month, and that’s without utilities. Add gas, groceries, etc and I can’t make ends meet,” they admitted.

The economy has left the parent feeling like they’re in an impossible situation with no way out.

Sadly, they feel their only solution would be to take extreme measures to protect their children’s future.

“I’m constantly stressed out. I’m so stressed that I’m consistently considering making my death look like an accident so they can just collect my life insurance.

“I can’t do this anymore.. And it doesn’t seem like the government cares because it just keeps getting worse.”

In response, other Reddit users urged the parent not to follow through with this thought process, despite the hardship they are going through.

“My dad is dead, my mom got life insurance money, but she still struggles financially and now emotionally, and I would give all the money In the world just to have my dad back. Your partner and daughters feel the same, I promise you,” one user shared.

“Insurance money won’t buy your girls the time y’all have ahead of you. Pick up a side hustle, but most importantly seek some help if you’re having this suicidal thoughts on a daily basis. Stay strong my guy. Those girls need you. Though [tough] times don’t last, though [tough] people do!” another stressed.

Many parents urged the poster to seek the help of a counsellor, therapist, or suicide hotline to talk through their issues and focus on the positives.

One user reminded the parent that emotional support is just as important as financial support, encouraging them to remember they are not alone and things can get better.

“You are not alone Remember your daughters need you. You aren’t here to just support them financially. You are an amazing parent and will still be there for your kids at the end of the day. That is the most important thing.

“They need you emotionally and will continue to need you throughout their lives. If your girls were in this position, what would you tell them? Model for your girls that when things get hard, we can get help. See a counselor and talk about how hard things have been. You just started in a new career, things WILL get better.”

The Reddit thread garnered hundreds of supportive and kind replies, which led the parent to edit their post.

Having read through them, they wrote:

“Thank you everyone for the kind words of encouragement. It has helped more than you could possibly ever know. My girls definitely need me in their life, and I will continue to fight. It’s just so sad how much we have to struggle compared to our parents in the 70s/80s/90s.”

If you have been affected by issues mentioned in this article you can contact Samaritans on 116 123.