Babysitter sparks debate after refusing to change baby's nappy 3 weeks ago

Babysitter sparks debate after refusing to change baby's nappy

Finding the right babysitter for your family is not easy.

You need someone who matches your schedule, and most importantly, who you can trust.

There are plenty of incredible babysitters out there, but there are also many who just don't suit your family's needs.

One babysitter recently opened up about an issue she had with the family she worked for, resulting in quite a heated debate.

The babysitter explained that she landed her dream job, but recently helped out the family she used to work for. The woman works 65+ hours a week so she was really helping the family out.

"The family I used to nanny for begged me to watch their kids last weekend so they could go to a last-minute birthday party, I said no at first because I need my weekends to decompress after a long week but they were in a bind so I agreed."

She explained that the family had another baby after she stopped working for them. The other children are older so they're potty-trained but the infant is still in nappies.

"While I was nannying, both kids were potty trained so I never dealt with diapers with them," she said.

"I show up and they start going over the baby’s schedule and they then tell me they use cloth diapers so for poops I have to scrape it off into the toilet."


The babysitter shut them down and said there was no way she was going to do that. She suggested using disposable nappies for that night, but they disagreed.

"I said that they should have told me this ahead of time because I would have said no.

"They said there is no reason to tell me that, it’s just normal baby care. I said that as someone who nannied and babysat for 5 years, this is the first time I’ve been asked to do this."

The babysitter decided not to babysit for them in the end, but her mum believed she was in the wrong.

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