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21st Mar 2024

‘We shouldn’t be ashamed of it’ — Vicky Pattison opens up about brutal trolling over egg freezing

Jody Coffey

Vicky Pattison

“It was the last thing I needed”

Vicky Pattison was forced to quit social media after she received an onslaught of online abuse for sharing her egg-freezing journey.

Last year, the reality TV star made the choice with her partner, Ercan Ramadan, as they felt they were not ready to become parents yet.

Since then, Vicky has been documenting the experience in the hopes it would make others in the same situation feel less ashamed.

However, sadly, the response was not wholly positive, as she was hit with hundreds of messages insulting her personally and ridiculing her choice.

Ercan Ramadan and Vicky Pattison. Credit: Getty

Speaking on the reaction, the Geordie Shore alum confessed to The Times that hormones from egg retrieval made her feel even worse about the cruel trolling.

“I was feeling low. It was the last thing I needed.

“I had people saying I’m messing with nature. It’s unnatural what I’m doing, and if I haven’t found someone to have a baby with me maybe I should just give it up.”

Throughout her egg-freezing journey, the former Loose Women presenter shared raw and honest footage going through what the process entails.

This included a series of unfiltered photos of her progress, scans, injecting hormones into her stomach, and the lows that come with the process.

Credit: Getty

“I wanted to show that we shouldn’t be ashamed of it — we should be proud,” Vicky told the outlet.

“There’s just so much misunderstanding and misinformation about the process.”

The social media personality has been engaged to her partner since 2019. Ercan is six years younger than Vicky, which factored into their decision to delay becoming parents.

“Men mature later than women.

“He’s in his twenties, bless him, so asking him to be a dad when he really wasn’t ready – I felt that was pretty unfair and irresponsible,” Pattison told The Times.

Egg-freezing treatment is an increasingly popular method used by women to delay having children.

Vicky and her fiancé decided to freeze her eggs after she turned 35 as ‘the viability of them seriously deteriorated’ after that age.