Gabrielle spoke candidly about being a single mum on 'Loose Women' 4 years ago

Gabrielle spoke candidly about being a single mum on 'Loose Women'

She says it's one of her "biggest disappointments".

Louisa Gabrielle Bobb, known professionally as Gabrielle appeared on Loose Women yesterday to talk about her forthcoming tour which commences in March.

Whilst on the show she also chatted about self-esteem and concealing her lazy-eye, approaching her fiftieth birthday and she also touched on motherhood.

Nadia Sawalha questioned Gabrielle over comments she made saying being a single mum was one of the singer's "biggest disappointments"

She said:


"No one ever plans to be a single parent and my hats off to every woman and man out there that ends up having to hold that title.

"It's a hard thing, but it's doable. I've done it, my mum's done it before me.... but it's not something I would have chosen."

The Out of Reach singer added that motherhood has been wonderful and although single parenthood may be hard, she says it's a good lesson to her and to her kids that "nothing is impossible".

Her honesty was well received by the panel who said she should be proud of what she has achieved.

What do you think about Gabrielle's comments? Is it refreshing for someone to speak openly about the struggles of being a single parent?