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22nd Sep 2015

How to calculate your potential mortgage (without having to talk to other humans)


So, you’ve got the kids, you’re semi-grown-up (see below for a definition of this in case you’re unclear), now’s the time to think about putting a roof over their heads. But where to start?


We might be grown-up enough to be making our own people, and we possibly know at this stage which compartment of the washing machine drawer the powder goes in (the right one, right?). But, most of the time we feel a bit like adulthood just kind of crept up on us.


We are improving on the adulthood thing all the time though, example: we make nutritious family meals every Sunday. Go us!


However, when it comes to getting the moolah together for, potentially (unless you’re mega rich and in the market for an island or something) the biggest financial commitment of our lives many of us don’t know where to start. Or rather we do know where to start.

Enter the Ulster Bank mortgage calculator. This online service allows users to enter in personal data (your gross annual salary, your net monthly income, any other additional income, your current outstanding credit card amounts, any other monthly debts or outstanding commitments) to calculate approximately what amount you could potentially borrow.

A second repayments calculator also gives you projected monthly repayments, so that users can have a pretty good idea of what your monthly mortgage outgoings will be.

This is not a mortgage offer but it does give you a good indication of what you’ve got to play with during those long nights obsessively pouring over property websites.

It is important for families to figure out how much they can afford for a mortgage taking all their other outgoings into account.  Ulster Bank understands that you want a mortgage you can live with. So in order to give you a mortgage that suits you, we’ve developed a range of mortgages. Take a look at our mortgage options or have our team call you to arrange an appointment.

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