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05th Oct 2023

Mum is praised for decision to shave 12-year-old daughter’s facial hair

Jody Coffey

Preteens can be the hardest critics of all.

One mum, who made the decision to shave her 12-year-old daughters facial hair, has explained why she chose to do so.

Vidya Gopalan, a mum-of-two, took to TikTok pleading with other parents to ‘please do it’ if the request comes their way, and has garnered over over 20 million views.

Explaining that she attempted to remove her own facial hair as a teenager and it didn’t end well, so she did not want her own daughter to go through he same experience.

“I tried doing this myself secretly at her age since I wasn’t allowed to do this until (high school) and it didn’t end well,” she wrote.

In the video, Gopalan’s daughter, whose name she does not share for privacy reasons, says to her mum, “Thank you so much, I don’t like it. I don’t like the way it looks,” as her mom takes an electric hair trimmer to lower half of her face.

@queencitytrends I tried doing this myself secretly at her age since I wasn’t allowed to do this until HS and it didnt end well ???‍♀️ #momlife #momtok #browngirl #browntiktok #momsover30 #momanddaughter #momanddaughters ♬ Just A Girl – No Doubt

Very few TikTok users were against the move, while thousands flocked to the comments to praise and share related stories to the mum’s decision.

“As a girl who got bullied really badly because of my hair, this is so healing,” one wrote.

“THANK YOU! I wasn’t allowed to even shave my legs let alone fix facial hair until I was 15. It was horrifying,” another added.

“I’m a teacher and: PLEASE DO IT ! you avoid so much suffering on them,” an educator joined in.

“Yesss.. their self esteem and feeling comfortable in front of their peers is much more important than other people’s opinions,” another user said.

While a young person added: “I keep asking my mom but she says no and I’ve been getting bullied.”

“You’re just helping build her confidence. I don’t know why anyone would make their child keep hair where they don’t want it,” another says.

What are your thoughts?