Mums are claiming THIS Starbucks drink is boosting their milk supply 5 years ago

Mums are claiming THIS Starbucks drink is boosting their milk supply

Recently, North Carolina mum Laura Galvin posted a photo of the T-shirt she was wearing, which was soaked with breast milk that had leaked through in the Milky Mamas breastfeeding support group on Facebook.

The mum-of-two also admitted she had recently been pumping so much milk that she was worried she’ll soon run out of freezer space.

What is her secret I hear you ask, breastfeeding mamas?

Apparently Galvin – and a whole lot of other nursing mamas – are crediting Starbucks' 'Pink Drink' with their recent super-charged milk supply. In fact, according to, one mum claims she pumped twice the amount she usually does at work, while another woman said she produced 10 times her normal amount.

The pastel-coloured iced drink, which is a mixture of coconut milk and Starbucks’ Strawberry Acai Refreshers, seemingly started out as an item on the coffee chain's much talked about secret menu, has now, at least in the US, been made part of the year-round menu due to popular demand.

If you fancy trying to see if this actually works for yourself, you can always ask for a Pink Drink at your local Starbucks, or hit up Pinterest, where DIY recipes for this popular refreshers are in abundance.


Note: No medical professional or expert has given their thoughts of this mattwe and whether or not this actually has an effect at all, and according to the La Leche League, if you are looking to increase your milk supply, you should try the following:

But hey, the Pink Drink sounds pretty darn refreshing, we think, so even if all you get out of this experiment is delighted tastebuds, well, then that's not all that bad either. And, you know, nobody deserves a lil' treat like a breastfeeding mama, we think...