'The new me': Hollyoaks' Jennifer Metcalfe is loving her postpartum body 5 years ago

'The new me': Hollyoaks' Jennifer Metcalfe is loving her postpartum body

The actress is currently on maternity leave from Hollyoaks.

Jennifer Metcalfe has been nominated for the Sexiest Female at soap awards a staggering ten times over the years, but says she’s embracing her post baby body and loves her new shape and all it has achieved.

After welcoming her first child just last month, the new mum says her body has changed a lot.

“Four weeks after my boy has vacated his apartment, and this is what I’m left with and it really isn’t that bad,” the mum wrote on Instagram.

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Sharing a picture of herself in just her underwear, Jennifer said:

“I know a lot of women feel anxious about what their postpartum body will look like, but for me, this was the least of my worries.

“I wasn’t worried about what my body was going to look like when my boy had finished using it to grow. Instead, I was intrigued/excited to see the new me. And I like it.”


The new mum said her she struggled with her growing chest after pregnancy, however, says it was all worth it to feed her baby.

“My boobs have finally settled down. After breastfeeding, they swelled beyond belief. Going from a modest B cup to an F. They were lumpy and wrecked.

“These are more than OK, I fed a human with them, they are awesome.”

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Jennifer says she’s also hard at work doing her kegel exercises.

“Everything has healed downstairs and over the next couple of weeks maybe I’ll have a nosey. It makes me anxious but I’m on it with the pelvic floors.”

The Hollyoaks actress’s post has been liked by nearly 50,000 people, many of whom are new mums themselves who praised Jennifer for her body-positive post.

“I loved seeing how my body adapted to accommodate new life and it’s truly, beautifully, mind blowing.

"For now, try to enjoy your perfect changing shell”.