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28th Aug 2018

Rosie Connolly shares powerful post on the importance of self-care

We couldn't agree more.

Blogger, Rosie Conolly opened up on social media yesterday evening on the importance of self-care.

Taking to Instagram, the mum-of-one explained how she began therapy earlier this year. Explaining that it’s helped her focus on herself and escape the madness of daily life, Rosie reveals she has learnt to stop worrying when things aren’t moving at “lightning speed” and to start enjoying and living in the slow-paced moments too.


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She wrote:

“I’ve slowly learnt to just STOP. Stop feeling like, if life isn’t moving at lightning speed then what’s the point? It’s ok to slow down.. if anything, it helps you get to where you’re going faster in the long run.”

Continuing she revealed…

“I’ve began therapy this year and find it incredible for having that one hour to just focus on me, how I’m feeling, what I’m struggling with and how to manage it. I’m also going to be making time for frequent reflexology and booking myself back into my Pilates classes… all things that make me feel calm, relaxed and switched off from the madness of daily life.”

The newlywed also revealed that being a mum can make you feel guilty about putting yourself first but then explained that it’s OK to take some necessary “you time” too.


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A post shared by Rosie Connolly-Quinn (@rosieconxxx) on

We couldn’t agree more.