One mum's genius 'home canteen' hack might be the solution to your kids' constant snacking 3 years ago

One mum's genius 'home canteen' hack might be the solution to your kids' constant snacking

"Muuuuum – I'm huuuungry."

Heard this phrase a time or two – or five million – over the past few weeks?

I know I sure have. I mean – jeez – I know they are growing kids and all, but the constant eating!?

Whatever the reason for the insatiable hunger, the real issue is that I am finding myself in the kitchen all the time. You know – in between all the Zoom meetings and the 3rd class maths and the never-ending colouring pages.

However; I recently came across one mum's tip for how she dealt with this very same scenario, and boy am I trying this next week.

Her solution? She created a 'school canteen' in the kitchen, ensuring the kids can help themselves to snacks – and leaving her free to get on with work (or whatever else she has on the agenda).


“I'm sick of constantly being in the kitchen”


“I’m a little sick of constantly being in the kitchen, so this is what I did for my two boys today,” the Australian mum posted in the 'Organised Ideas Australia Facebook group.'

Sharing a snap of a “canteen” tray with rows of food ready to grab, complete with cut-up fruits, sandwiches, popcorn, nuts and bags of chips.

Genius? I know.

Apparently, the woman’s boys are 12 and 13, but I am sure this idea will work for kids from the ages of about six and up – for younger kids, you might have to keep more tabs and nuts or anything that could be a choking hazard would be a big no-no.


Other mums were quick to share that they had thought of something similar too.

“I’ve been doing the same thing for the past few weeks,” one mum wrote. “Mr two and four have their own baskets in the fridge. I was over being the slave in the kitchen for them every five minutes.”

“I’ve done this every school holidays for years,” another wrote. “Pack their lunchbox like we would for school and that’s what they get for the day.”

I don't know about you guys, but I am off to create my very own snack station.